Menu du chef at 37.50€

Duckling’s liver mousse


Goat cheese salad


Roasted skrei, carot and curcumin puree


Beef tournedos, green pepper sauce


Chocolat and caramel bar


Dame blanche ice cream

Seasonal suggestions:


Home made duck paté 13.50€
Oysters from Zeeland (6/9/12) 4€/pieces
Scallops meunière style or with garlic 24.00€ or 24.50€
Duckling’s liver mousse 13.00€
Goat cheese salad 11.80€


The organic cabbage comes from the farm “FRIEH” in Holtzwihr, the meats from the butcher “Metzger-Muller” in Ittenheim

-Choucroute garnie royale at 25.00€

-Choucroute Pork shank at 24.50€

Main course:

Slow cooked saddle of lamb, forgotten vegetables 28.90€
Veal’s sweetbreads, muschroom sauce 33.50€
Beef tournedos, green pepper sauce 27.00€
Roasted skrei 26.50€
Duck breast, raspberry sauce 25.80€
Rack of lamb, ratatouille 27.50€