Brasserie Taverne du Passage

Taverne du passage is situated away from the daily hustle in the gallery the King of Saint-Hubert. You can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, where waiters also can attest to. (art-déco) With a beautiful decoration. The kitchen can offer you typical Belgian and French food: Northsea Shrimp croquettes,
La carte de brasserie propose des spécialités belges et françaises: croquettes de crevettes, shrimp with pepper saucemussels (in season).

The Gallery is protected from the weather and the kitchen is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Taverne du passage has an exceptional wine list and was the first in Belgium who won a prize for his wines.

The tavern of the Passage has a whole new room upstairs.

This room is perfect for receptions and banket. The capacity of the room is 40 to 100 people.
For more information, our menus are available on request.

Menu of the taverne du Passage

The dishes are prepared by our chefs with fresh products that are delivery every day, that is why our menu’s can vary every day. As well as the prices on our website can change, because the price is based on the market. For more information you can always contact the restaurant.

Our menus include traditional Belgian dishes. Discover our Belgian specialties soon!

  • Belgian Specialities

    Northsea Shrimp croquettes (House specialty) 16,00 €
    Cheese croquettes 13,90 €
    The croquettes duo ( cheese et shrimp) 14,90 €
    Haring fish from the balcan manner by the taverne 10,90 €
    Our dishes
    Cow calf with belgian fries 20,20 €
    Ghent chicken waterzooi with vegetables 18,00 €
    Raw ground beef with salad and fries 18,00 €
    Lemon sole from Oostende 33,00 €
    Mussels from brussels 25,00 €
    Mussels white win 26,00 €
  • Tradition kitchen, fish and mussels from Brussels

     Salmon from Gravalax 21,90 €
    la “Poutargue” sur toast en exclusivité 11,80 €
    Pourtargue fish with toast and sauce 12,00 €
    Fish-pan with shrimp from Namur 15,00 €
    Tomatoe stuffed with shrimp 15,00 €
    Brain of cow calf with tartare sauce 14,90 €


  • Raw ground beef with salad and fries 18,00 €
     Toutes les races de bœuf  ont été élevées sur leur terroir d’origine et les viandes sont d’une maturation de minimum 6 semaines
    Nos Viandes Rouges sont accompagnées de Pommes Frites et D’une petite Poelée de Légumes
    Pour toutes sauces et légumes , voir le chapitre “Garnitures et Légumes “
    Aubrac, Entrecôte  32.00€
    Simmenthal, Cuberol  40.00€
    La Côte à l’os, Black Angus +/- 1.2 kg (min 2cts) 49.50€ pp
    La côte de veau à la plancha 22,50 €
    Côte de veau grand-mère 25,50 €
    L’Escalope de Veau Viennoise 20,00 €
  • Poissons et Moules Grand Place de Bruxelles

    La sole meunière 30,00 €
    Lemon sole from Oostende 33,00 €
    Le saumon à l’unilatérale 23,50 €
    Le cabillaud royal dijonnaise 26,00 €
    Mussels from brussels 25,00 €
    Mussels white win 26,00 €
    Le Waterzooi de Poissons ( Loup de mer, Saumon, Moules) 25,50 €


  • Chicken stuffed pastry with fries 18,00 €
    Ghent chicken waterzooi with vegetables 18,00 €

Pastries and dessert

  • Pastries
    Giant rum baba with mandarin 9,00 €
    Rum babas “Negritta” 9,00 €
    Apple strude 8,00 €
    Apple strude with vanille ice cream 9.00 €
    Caramel cream with speculoos from the house Dandoy 8,00 €
    Iced chocolate Profiterole with hot chocolate sauce 8,50 €
    Chocolate mousse 8.00 €
    Meringues with whipped cream 8.00 €

Ice cream

  • Coupe ice cream with 2 bolls of sorbet 6,90 €
    parfum : Vanilla, Moka, praliné, Passion fruit, cranberry, strawberry, lemon
    Iced coffee 7,50 €
    Ice cream with hot chocolate and whipped cream 9,00 €
    Brazilian ice cream 8.00 €
    Ice cream Mikado with whipped cream 9.00 €
    Ice cream meringues with whipped cream 8.80 €
    Carpaccio of pineapple marinated with sweet spices and ice cream with coco
    Additional whipped cream 1,50 €

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